Doctoral Research Supervision

  1. Stakeholders’ Monitoring Interventions and Online Child Abuse among Primary School Children in Langata Sub-County, Nairobi City County, Kenya. [Department of Social Sciences and Development Studies, Catholic University of Eastern Africa- Completed 2020]
  2. Amanda B. Edgell. Political Equality and Accountability: The Impact of Gender Quota Laws. [Department of Political Science, University of Florida- Completed 2019]
  3. Millicent Odhiambo. Examining the Implications of the Activities in Kenya’s Extractive Industry on National Security. [United States International University- On-Going since 2018].
  4. Wilfred Miliro. Peace Support Operations in the Stabilization of War Political Economies in Africa: A Case of African Union Mission in Somalia [University of Nairobi- On-Going since 2020].
  5. Julius Adavise. The Impact of Terrorism on Economic Governance in Africa: Case of Boko Haram in Nigeria. [University of Nairobi- On-Going since 2020].

Masters Thesis Supervision

      1. Malik Osman. Impact of External Counterterrorism Interventions on Host Country Stability: The Case of Select US-led Interventions, 2001-2021[University of Nairobi- Completed 2023].
      2. Ojodeh Dancun. Global Health Pandemics and Human Security in Africa: COVID-19 and Food Security in Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
      3. Saka Were. Impact of Mainstream Media on Post-Election Conflict Peacebuilding in Africa: The Case of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
      4. Justino Muinde. The Impact of Bioterrorism on Health Security in the 21st Century International System: A Case Study of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
      5. Herbert Wafula. Impact of Local Communities on United Nations Peace Operations in Africa: A Case Study of South Sudan. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
      6. Holger Grossmann. The Role of Coalition Interoperability in Enhancing Regional Security: A Forecast Comparison of the African Union-North Atlantic Treaty Organization Experience. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].

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